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Beer to Biscuits,
Kitchen to Community.

Craft Canine Treats is a Tampa-based company dedicated to baking all-natural, homemade dog treats using the recycled grains from the beer brewing process. Sourcing from local craft breweries, we ensure high quality treats that your furry friends will love!


Who We Are

Co-founders, Meghan Deveau Betourney and Marc Betourney, started the company out of their passion and love for animals, craft beer, and the environment. When Meghan and Marc aren't on the search for a new craft brewery, or outdoors exploring with their furry friend, they are actively involved with several animal rescue groups in the Tampa Bay area.

Craft Canine Treats donates 10% of all proceeds to various local animal groups to help encourage and promote their mission. "Beer to biscuits - kitchen to community", Craft Canine's vision, is embodied through the creation of a sustainable product that seeks to support the local animal, craft beer, and environmental community.


From grains to goodness


Step 1

Spent grain is the leftover grains from the beer brewing process after the mash has
extracted most of the sugars. Spent grain can constitute up to 85% of a brewery’s total by-product. Craft breweries all over the country have devised creative ways to prevent their spent grain from going to waste, however, many smaller breweries do not have an outlet for these grains and they are thrown out.

step 2

We repurpose those spent grains to craft an all-natural, homemade dog treat without using any preservatives or additives. We partner with Tampa-based brewery, SixTen Brewing, to source our grains since they are non-GMO. As a result, we create a sustainable product that is environmentally friendly.

step 3

We give back to the community by donating a portion of all sales to local animal organizations. When purchasing a bag of Craft Canine Treats, you can feel good knowing that you are feeding your dog a healthy homemade treat, supporting local business, promoting sustainability and giving back to those in need.




Community Partners

Six Ten Brewery kindly donates their spent grains to Craft Canine Treats. The spent grains are all-natural, non GMO with no additives. 

With each purchase, we will donate a portion of the sale to a local organization. Some of our community partners include Friends of Hillsborough County Animal Services, Community Pet Project, Humane Society of Tampa Bay, New Life Dog Rescue, Vets4 Pets, and Paws for Friendship Inc. Want us to partner with your charity or local group? Contact us.